Android:exported Needs To Be Explicitly Specified For . Apps Targeting Android 12 And Higher Are Required To Specify

the "android:exported" attribute for all activities that can be launched from an outside application. This attribute indicates whether the activity is accessible to other applications and whether the system can route intents to it.

To explicitly specify the "android:exported" attribute for an activity, add the following code to the activity tag in your AndroidManifest.xml file:


By setting android:exported to "true", you allow other applications to launch this activity. If you set it to "false", the activity is only accessible within the same application.

Starting from Android 12, Google has made it mandatory for apps to explicitly specify the "android:exported" attribute to enhance security and prevent unintended exposure of activities to other apps.

Make sure to review your activities and set the "android:exported" attribute accordingly to comply with the new requirement.

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