@autowired – No Qualifying Bean Of Type Found For Dependency

This error occurs when the Spring framework cannot find a matching bean to inject into the autowired field or method.

Here are a few possible reasons why this error may occur:

  1. Missing or incorrect bean configuration: Ensure that you have correctly configured the bean in your application context. Make sure that the bean class is annotated with @Component, @Service, @Repository, or @Controller (or their stereotype annotations) to be automatically detected by Spring.

  2. Missing or incorrect component scanning: Check if your component scan configuration is configured correctly. Ensure that the packages containing the bean classes are being scanned by including the correct base packages in the @ComponentScan annotation or XML configuration.

  3. Ambiguous dependency: If there are multiple beans of the same type, Spring may not know which one to inject. You can use qualifiers to specific bean names or @Primary annotation to specify the default bean to be injected.

  4. Missing dependency: Verify that the required dependency or bean is present. Check the dependency injection hierarchy to make sure that you are injecting the correct bean.

  5. Circular dependencies: If there is a circular dependency between beans, Spring may not be able to resolve it. Try refactoring your code to eliminate circular dependencies if possible.

  6. Incorrect configuration order: If you are using XML configuration, ensure that the dependent bean is defined before the bean that requires it.

  7. Incorrect use of @Autowired: Verify that you are using the @Autowired annotation correctly. Ensure that the annotation is present on the correct field, constructor, or setter method.

By investigating these possibilities, you should be able to resolve the "No qualifying bean of type found for dependency" error.

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