C#: Publish Error: Found Multiple Publish Output Files With The Same Relative Path

This error occurs when you have multiple files with the same relative path in your publish output. C# doesn’t allow multiple files with the same name and path because it would create conflicts when deploying or running the application.

To fix this error, you need to make sure there are no duplicate files in your publish output. Here are a few steps you can follow:

  1. Check your project’s file structure: Open your project in the Solution Explorer and check if there are any duplicate files in different folders. Remove or rename any duplicate files to ensure unique paths.

  2. Clean and Rebuild your project: Right-click on your project in the Solution Explorer and select "Clean". After that, right-click again and select "Rebuild". This will ensure that the project output is generated correctly.

  3. Check your build configuration: Make sure that you are building your project with the correct build configuration (e.g., Debug or Release). Sometimes, different build configurations can result in different output files.

  4. Check your project references: If your project references other projects or libraries, make sure that there are no duplicate files in those references.

  5. Check your build settings: Open the project properties and go to the Build section. Ensure that the "Output path" and "Intermediate output path" are correctly set to unique directories. Having the same output path for multiple projects can cause this error.

  6. Clean and rebuild any dependent projects: If your solution has multiple projects, clean and rebuild any projects that depend on the project that is producing the error.

  7. Re-publish your application: After following the above steps, try publishing your application again. The error should no longer appear if all duplicate files have been resolved.

By resolving any duplicate file paths in your project, you should be able to publish your application successfully without encountering the "Found multiple publish output files with the same relative path" error.

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