Is It Possible That You’re Using A JRE Instead Of A JDK? There Seems To Be No Compiler Available In This Environment.

The error message "No compiler is provided in this environment. Perhaps you are running on a JRE rather than a JDK?" usually occurs when you try to compile Java code without having a Java Development Kit (JDK) installed.

The Java Runtime Environment (JRE) only provides the necessary components to run Java applications, while the JDK includes the JRE along with additional tools such as the Java compiler (javac).

To resolve this issue, you need to install the JDK on your system. Here are the steps you can follow:

  1. Go to the Oracle JDK downloads page: (replace "11" with your desired JDK version if necessary).

  2. Accept the license agreement and select the appropriate download for your operating system.

  3. Run the downloaded installer and follow the installation instructions.

  4. Once the JDK is installed, open a new terminal or command prompt window and verify that it is properly installed by running the following command:

java -version

You should see the JDK version information displayed.

After successfully installing the JDK, you should be able to compile your Java code using the "javac" command.

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