What Is The Error Message Returned While Fetching The Server API Version With Php: Docker-compose Up?

The error message "Error while fetching server API version: (‘Connection aborted.’, ConnectionRefusedError(61, ‘Connection refused’))" typically occurs when the Docker daemon is not running or the Docker process is unable to connect to the Docker daemon.

Here are a few possible solutions to resolve the issue:

  1. Start the Docker daemon: Make sure that the Docker service is running. If you are on Linux, you can start it by running sudo service docker start. On macOS, you can start Docker Desktop from the Applications folder.

  2. Check Docker daemon status: Verify the status of the Docker daemon by running sudo docker info or docker version in the terminal. If you see errors or it is not running, restart the Docker service.

  3. Verify Docker socket: Ensure that the Docker socket file is accessible. The default location for the Docker socket is /var/run/docker.sock, so check if it exists and has the correct permissions (ls -l /var/run/docker.sock). Adjust the permissions if necessary using sudo chmod 666 /var/run/docker.sock.

  4. Restart Docker Compose: If you made any system changes or installed Docker recently, try restarting Docker Compose. You can do this by running docker-compose down followed by docker-compose up.

  5. Run Docker commands with sudo: If you are running Docker as a non-root user, try running the docker-compose up command with sudo: sudo docker-compose up.

  6. Firewall or proxy settings: Check if any firewalls or proxies are blocking the communication between Docker and Docker Compose. Temporarily disable them or configure them to allow Docker connections.

By following these steps, you should be able to resolve the "Connection refused" error while running docker-compose up.

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