Why Has [email protected] Been Disabled Since It Is A Versioned Formula In PHP?

This error message is usually encountered when attempting to use a specific PHP version (in this case, PHP 7.3) that has been disabled or removed from the formula (package) used to install PHP on your system.

The reason for disabling or removing a specific version might be due to deprecations, security issues, or incompatibilities with the operating system or other software.

To resolve this issue, you have a few options:

  1. Upgrade to a newer, supported PHP version: Consider upgrading to a newer version of PHP that is available and supported. Check the available PHP versions and their formula names to use the appropriate version.

  2. Use a different PHP version: If you specifically require PHP 7.3, but it has been disabled, you can look for alternative methods to install it. You may find community-supported formulas or packages for PHP 7.3 that can be installed separately.

  3. Check for alternatives: If the PHP version you need is unavailable or disabled, consider using an alternate approach. For example, you can use a version manager like phpenv or phpbrew to install and manage multiple PHP versions on your system.

Remember to check the official documentation or forums for the formula or package manager you are using to get the latest information on PHP versions and their availability.

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