‘field Required A Bean Of Type That Could Not Be Found.’ Error Spring Restful API Using Mongodb

The error message 'Field required a bean of type that could not be found.' usually occurs when Spring cannot find a bean (component) required for dependency injection.

In this case, it seems that you are trying to inject a bean of type that Spring cannot find. There are several possible reasons for this error:

  1. Bean is not defined: Ensure that you have defined the bean correctly in your configuration. If you are using annotations, make sure that the required annotations (@Component, @Service, @Repository, etc.) are added to the class.

  2. Component scan is not configured properly: If you are using component scanning to automatically detect and configure beans, make sure that the package containing the bean is included in the component scan configuration.

  3. Bean is not on the classpath: If the bean is defined in a separate Jar file or module, ensure that the Jar file or module is included in your project’s classpath.

  4. Bean is not instantiated: Check if the bean is instantiated correctly. If you are using any conditional annotations like @ConditionalOnProperty or @ConditionalOnClass, make sure that the required conditions are met.

  5. Dependency version conflicts: If you have multiple versions of the same library on the classpath, it can lead to conflicts. Ensure that you are using compatible versions of the libraries.

To further investigate the issue, it would be helpful to see the relevant code and configuration. Please provide more details, such as the code snippet where the error is occurring and the relevant Spring configuration files, if possible.

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