“mixed Content Blocked” When Running An HTTP AJAX Operation In An HTTPS Page

When you run an HTTP AJAX operation on an HTTPS page, modern browsers will block the request due to security restrictions. This is known as "Mixed Content" blocking. It occurs when a secure (HTTPS) page attempts to load content (such as scripts, images, or other resources) from an insecure (HTTP) source.

To resolve this issue, you need to ensure that all resources on the page are loaded over HTTPS. Follow these steps to fix the "Mixed content blocked" error:

  1. Check the AJAX request URL: Make sure that the URL used in your AJAX request begins with "https://" instead of "http://".

  2. Use relative URLs: Instead of using an absolute URL in your AJAX request, you can use a relative URL. This way, the request will adapt to the page’s protocol (HTTP or HTTPS) automatically.

  3. Update other resource URLs: Take a look at all the resources (images, scripts, stylesheets, etc.) that are being loaded on the page and ensure that their URLs are using the HTTPS protocol. Update any HTTP URLs to HTTPS.

  4. Avoid hardcoding HTTP URLs: If you are generating URLs dynamically, avoid hardcoding HTTP URLs. Use protocol-relative URLs (starting with "//") so that they adapt to the page’s protocol automatically.

  5. Ensure valid SSL certificate: Make sure that your web server has a valid SSL certificate installed. Browsers perform checks on the certificate validity, and an invalid certificate can cause mixed content blocking.

By making these changes, you should be able to resolve the "Mixed content blocked" error and successfully run your AJAX operation on an HTTPS page.

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