PHP Warning: POST Content-Length Of 8978294 Bytes Exceeds The Limit Of 8388608 Bytes In Unknown On Line 0

This warning indicates that you are trying to process a POST request with a content length that exceeds the maximum limit set for PHP. PHP has a default limit of 8,388,608 bytes (8 MB) for the POST data.

To fix this issue, you can increase the post_max_size configuration directive in your php.ini file. Locate the php.ini file (usually found in the PHP installation directory) and open it in a text editor. Look for the post_max_size setting and change its value to a higher limit. For example, you can set it to post_max_size = 16M to allow a maximum of 16 megabytes for POST data.

After making the change, save the file and restart your web server for the changes to take effect. This should resolve the "POST Content-Length exceeds the limit" warning.

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