What Are The Possible Values Of The Hibernate Hbm2ddl.auto Configuration And What Do They Do

The possible values of the Hibernate hbm2ddl.auto configuration property in Java are as follows:

  1. validate: This is the default value. It validates the schema against the mapping files and ensures that they are in sync. It does not make any changes to the database schema.

  2. update: It checks the schema against the mapping files and updates the database schema accordingly. It adds new tables, columns, constraints, etc., and modifies existing ones. However, it does not drop any tables or columns that are no longer required.

  3. create: It drops the existing database schema (if any) and re-creates it from scratch based on the mapping files. It will delete all existing data in the tables.

  4. create-drop: Similar to the create property, it drops the existing schema and re-creates it upon session factory startup. Additionally, it also drops the schema when the session factory is closed or the application is terminated.

  5. none: It does not perform any schema generation or validation. The schema needs to be manually created and maintained separately. It assumes that the schema is already present and is in sync with the mapping files.

Each of these values can be set using the hibernate.hbm2ddl.auto property in the Hibernate configuration file.

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