Cannot Simply Use PostgreSQL Table Name (“relation Does Not Exist”)

If you are getting a "relation does not exist" error when trying to use a PostgreSQL table in PHP, there are a few possible reasons for this error:

  1. Case sensitivity: PostgreSQL table names are case-sensitive, so make sure you are using the exact case of the table name when referencing it in your PHP code.

  2. Schema name: If your table is in a different schema than the one you are currently connected to, you need to specify the schema prefix along with the table name. For example, if your table is in a schema called "public", you should use the table name as "public.table_name".

  3. Connection issue: Make sure you are connected to the correct PostgreSQL database and have the necessary permissions to access the table. Check your connection settings and verify that you can access other tables in the same database.

  4. Table creation issue: If you have recently created the table, make sure the table creation was successful and that you committed the changes. If the table creation or any previous modifications were not committed properly, the table may not exist for your PHP code.

Confirming these points should help you resolve the "relation does not exist" error in PHP when working with PostgreSQL tables.

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