Uncaught Error: Invariant Violation: Element Type Is Invalid: Expected A String (for Built-in Components) Or A Class/function But Got: Object

This error typically occurs when you’re rendering a JSX component, but the value you’re passing to the ReactDOM.render function is not a valid component.

Here are a few common causes and solutions for this error:

  1. Make sure you’re importing the component correctly: Double-check that you’re importing the component using the correct file path and name. Ensure that the file you’re importing from actually exports the component you’re expecting.

  2. Check for circular dependencies: Circular dependencies can cause this error. When two or more files import each other, it creates a circular dependency. Ensure there are no circular dependencies in your code.

  3. Verify the component’s structure: Make sure that the component you’re trying to render is defined correctly. It should be either a class component or a functional component. Check for any syntax errors or missing values in the component definition.

  4. Confirm that the component is exported correctly: Ensure that the component you’re trying to render is being exported correctly from its file. It should be exported as the default export or with a named export.

  5. Verify the file extension: Check if the file extension of the component file is correct. For JavaScript files, it should be .js or .jsx.

  6. Check for conflicting libraries or versions: If you’re using third-party libraries, verify that there are no conflicts between different versions of the same library. Make sure you’re using the correct versions and that there are no conflicting dependencies.

By addressing these common causes, you should be able to resolve the "Element type is invalid: expected a string or a class/function but got an object" error in JavaScript.

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