“uncaught SyntaxError: Cannot Use Import Statement Outside A Module” When Importing ECMAScript 6

The error message "Uncaught SyntaxError: Cannot use import statement outside a module" indicates that you are trying to use the import statement in a JavaScript file that is not being treated as a module.

To use ECMAScript 6 (ES6) modules, you need to explicitly indicate that a JavaScript file is a module. You can do this by adding the type="module" attribute to the <script> element that imports the module.

Here is an example:


By adding type="module", the browser will treat the script file as an ES6 module and allow the use of the import statement.

Additionally, ensure that your module file has the appropriate file extension, typically .mjs or .js, and that your server environment is set up to serve JavaScript files as modules.

Note that some environments, like Node.js, require additional configuration to enable ES6 modules. In Node.js, you would typically use the .mjs file extension for modules and run the file with the --experimental-modules flag.

Alternatively, if you are targeting older browsers or don’t want to deal with modules, you can use other approaches like using a bundler (e.g., Webpack) or transpiling your code with tools like Babel. These approaches can convert the ES6 syntax into a format that is compatible with older JavaScript environments.

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